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Stoya Fleshlight

Reviewing any texture of famous fleshlight toys and fleshlight girls is quite not easy to do since there are a lot of choices available in the market. But I decided to look into the Stoya Destroya Fleshlight because aside from it’s one of my most favorite toy, it is also because of Stoya herself who’s very much hot and sensual. Her fleshlight fits her in any occasion because of her looks and sensuality. The Stoya Fleshlight texture is also an astonishing blend between the strong and the gentle which sets her off brilliantly.

Stoya Fleshlight

My Experience with Stoya Fleshlight

First of all, I made certain to totally warm my Stoya Fleshlight in a basin with warm water. This is to make sure that it will have the same temperature with my body for a much relaxing and easy use experience. When I knew that the temperature is equal, I put an ample amount of Fleshlube water lubricant and I eagerly pressed myself at the entrance of the sextoy then I felt the three small rings of bumps. Even though these bumps did not overly excite me, it still gave out a pleasant and soothing friction impression with my penis’ head. I prefer this tender start since it will prepare me for the most exciting part.

Going further, I felt the Fang texture on the next compartment which really gives me the slow jitters. The first force of the Fang’s tips is to give me a slow and tender booster. But the instant that I pressed on the following touch, I was stroke by the Swallow ribs. This is quite a reminiscence of my penis in the depths of a woman’s mouth. It’s such a great feeling. Moving on forward, I rapped into the next Fang set which is much more distinct and brought me to a whirlwind of feelings. This was also influenced by all of the head start textures I was faced with.

At long last, when I reached the end chamber, I was launched into the much improved Super Ribbed texture. As I go on, it became more taut and close-fitting bombarding me with all the sensation of a real sex experience. These different thrills really can’t be easily unheeded. How much more when as I pull out of it and feeling all those wonderful sensations and textures? It surely is a tremendous experience to overlook.

The combination of these different textures and different levels of suctions from the different chambers allowed me to readily cum along in a few minutes. When I reached the top, my feeling was extremely powerful that it’s not an overstatement. I was able to feel a lasting effect that is quite similar with having sex with a real woman, I feel I’m having sex with Stoya.

Stoya Fleshlight is really one of my favorite Fleshlight available in the market today. It would be very hard for other competitors to keel it over. So make your mind up and experience a fascinating and incredible orgasm, get Stoya Destroya Fleshlight.

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