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How to Use Fleshlight

Fleshlight sex toy seems to be very simple to buy and to use. However, there are still many things that a new user needs to know about Fleshlight adult toys. Below are all the details you should know about this flashlight sex toy.

How to buy Fleshlight Sex Toy?

In the market today, there are various kinds of hand-held sex simulators that are being sold. If you want to have one of these amazing adult sex toys, you can Check the latest Fleshlight Sex Toys Here or browse the nearest sex toy store especially in the men’s adult toy section. Then find the ones which are made of Real Feel Super Skin. This is really different from the old types of silicones.

Other toys are made in a flashlight design which is hand-held while some have a flat base for mounting. Remember that the ones with flat base are more expensive but anyway, the hand-held ones can give you same feeling.

How to use Fleshlight?

How to Use Fleshlight

How to Use Fleshlight

The preparation of your Fleshlight Sex Toy can give different results. So, you need to follow some simple instruction on how to use Fleshlight:

  1. Have a sink of lukewarm water.
  2. Separate the insert from its case and place your Fleshlight on the sink for about 5 minutes.
  3. You can repeat the above two steps if you want to or if you have thicker inserts.
  4. Never use boiling water or microwave.
  5. Have some wipes near you for cleaning if it got messy. For sure, you would want to remove the lube from your hands for you to have a good grip.
  6. Spread the water-based lube on the inside. Do not use silicon-based lube for it will make the adult toy melt.

After the preparation, you can use the toy in different ways such as the following:

  • Use the Fleshlight Adult Toy as an extension of your hand.
  • Jam the Fleshlight between your mattress and the base of your bed for a doggie position.
  • Push the toy down alternately between the couch cushions.
  • Pop the adult toy into a shoe for uncommon positions.
  • Hold the sex toy on a counter-top or at the side of the couch.

How to Clean the Fleshlight?

Cleaning the Fleshlight after usage might take a while. You can clean it by running warm water through it and then by using a cloth and your fingers for the first phase of cleaning. Then use some adult toy cleaner and sanitizer which are specially designed for cleaning adult toys. After that, your Fleshlight Toy is ready to use again.

How Fleshlight build Stamina?

Fleshlights Sex Toys are also made to help men build their stamina in bed. How? The Fleshlight have a sex toy called Stamina Training Unit which gives you the feeling that you are having sex with a real girls vagina thereby making you desensitized.

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

Many people are asking if it really works and numerous customers have proven it. Fleshlight Sex Toys and even hand-held pussies are all great devices for making your sex life more interesting, especially if you know how to use fleshlight in the right way.

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  1. Cool Jake says:

    Thanks for the information. I’m having a fun time with my fleshlight now! I like the fleshlight lube

  2. edgar says:

    I am dieing to have one. Where can I buy it ?

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