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Free Fleshlight Shower Mount

The world has changed a lot for everyone. This is because things do not work out as they used to in the old times. For example, most married couples today are not able to spend as much time as they used to be, as a result, they don’t get to make love frequently. This may leave the partners sexually unsatisfied. Therefore, there is need to safely get rid of this sexual tension without cheating on their partners. There are many dangers associated with cheating such as contracting STDs, emotional trauma, stress and unstable marriages. Luckily, there is Fleshlight that gives sexual satisfaction.

Free Fleshlight Shower Mount

There’s a good news, Fleshlight gives a Free Shower Mount for the next 500 orders with purchase of Fleshlight classic for their new and loyal customers. This is great, as a guy who wants to have sex or masturbate while taking a shower, you can now try the hands-free experience of Shower Mount. This is an important accessory from Fleshlight, because when using a Fleshlight you hold it with your hand while jerking, sometimes it’s tiring, right? But with this hands-free masturbation, you can move your body and your penis in and out of the Fleshlight Shower Mount, without using your hand.

Free Fleshlight Shower Mount

Another great thing is that if you’re done using it, it is easy to clean. You can just the same time wash it off while your taking a shower. The Shower Mount is also durable and not easily break unlike cheap plastics that are made in China. You can see it’s made of quality material because when you thrust hard in your fleshlight many times, the shower mount stays on the wall that can help you cum with satisfaction.

So if you want a hands-free experience, then you’ll gonna love the Fleshlight Shower Mount!

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