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Fleshlight Motion and Sex in a Can

Fleshlight Motion is a fleshlight mount that is designed by Liberator, with this you can do a hands-free pleasure and stamina training techniques with your Fleshlight sex toy. The good thing about Fleshlight Mount is that you can do versatile Missionary Style Positions.

Basically, it is claimed that there is nothing wrong with using a sex toy to help out people in their masturbation. Both men and women have their own kinds and sets of sex toy. However, female sex toys are incomparable with the male ones. Female sex toys are more advanced and improved than the male ones.

Fleshlight Motion – Is it Worth It?

I have tried using the Fleshlight Motion “On a Mission” and it’s really worth it, I have not regret purchasing it. I use my Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit with it. By the way, this sex toy actually resemble a like a real vagina as Fleshlight advertise. If you bought this sex toy, there’s an instruction leaflet that you should follow so as to feel like you are having sex with a real woman, if you want to know how to use a Fleshlight, you can read it on my last post (How to Use Fleshlight). Psychologically, if you find it difficult to focus your mind to the idea that you are having sex with a real woman, watching porn or adult movies can help.

Fleshlight motion

Nothing satisfies like a warm Sex in a Can

If you are really into male sex toys, I suggest you should also try the Sex In A Can product.  Like the Fleshlight, you can also use this product with discreetness since it can be easily hidden in a drawer or a container away from prying eyes.

Sex In A Can can be put in hidden places like your closet. If you do not want a deal breaker, you cannot have a gigantic sex toy in your room, for example a huge sex doll. Why so? Well, of course, if a potential mate will come over to your place, she would surely react with the presence of large sex toy at your place. How can you really justify a product big enough to take up space in your room and it is with a vagina? This situation would just show that your room usually have a party where the invited visitors are just you and your penis.

Sex In A Can

All in all, these Fleshlight products are incredible and amazing giving you total satisfaction, it doesn’t resemble a real lady on your bed, warm and fuzzy, and I know it can never replace women, but it is the best male sex toy I’ve tried.

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One Response to “Fleshlight Motion and Sex in a Can”

  1. Charlie says:

    Cool! It looks like I’ll get the fleshlight mount.. for my fleshlight. I like it hands free.

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