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Fleshlight Flight Review

One of the country’s famous sex toy company Fleshlight has announced two new changes on the design of one of its famous products. I was able to acquire one through a 24-hour shipping. At first, I was very apprehensive upon receiving my order but after a very interesting weekend with it, I think I can be able to give my own positive feedback on the product.

Fleshlight Flight Design

This new Fleshlight Flight is smaller than the older ones which make it ideal for traveling and putting into storage. It also has an indentation on its outside casing which makes it easier to grasp even if you’re having a shower. Not like the old models, this new model makes me enjoy myself better.

Fleshlight Flight Design


Fleshlight Flight Texture

Fleshlight Flight is a cross between different kinds of Fleshlight which makes it more interesting and easy to use than the other models. It is a cross between the Speed Bump wherein there are some lumps along the entrance of the product, the Torrid, wherein there is a small cavity with crest edges, the Barracuda wherein there are also a lot of bristles and the Super Ribbed texture which are tightly packed loops.

Fleshlight Flight Texture


Fleshlight Flight Experience

First thing to do is to rub on a lavish amount of Fleshlube which is included in the package. After that, I slowly slide into the Flight which gave me a different experience with those I had tried before. I really like the easy way it moved in. The sheath was not as I expected which is assumed to be tremendously tight. While I continued to slowly push it in, I feel it beginning to become tighter transferring from one new texture to another. Also, when I want to intensify the suction and tightness I could tighten the end cap of the Flight.

After the preliminary speed bumps at the beginning, it will be followed by tight stubble and finally when it was all the way in, I could feel the protective cover of the product loosen up at the ribbed section. Experiencing all these different sensations at once with just one toy is really quite an amazing thing like having the real sex itself. Because of such quality, sometimes I don’t know when to make the experience last longer or just let go immediately since I’m not with a real partner. Then when I reached my orgasm, it was very powerful that I stop trusting and just pulsate until I’m fully satisfied.

The final thing to consider after undergoing the most amazing experience which we should take into consideration is the clean-up time. This is because cleaning after using the Flight isn’t similar with the other Fleshlight available in the market. You can’t just wash it simply with tap water and no more. But with the Flight, because of its smaller size, you need to clean the cap and casing properly to make sure that all those sticky goos were gone from it.


Fleshlight Flight

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