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Bibi Jones Nude Fleshlight Molding

Bibi Jones is the newest Fleshlight girl. Check it out here behind the scenes and watch as she gets custom molded for the ”Bibi Jones” vagina, an exclusive Fleshlight model offered for your pleasure. Watch as Bibi Jones spreads wide and a molding artist carefully spreads the casting clay across her pussy Bibi squirms and giggles as the cast sets. When it’s fully dry watch as it’s peeled from her pussy and we’re given a chance to see the exactly mold of Bibi Jones gorgeous vagina with butterfly-like labia. The molding captures the soft folds of her lips to create a tribute
Fleshlight model you’re guaranteed to enjoy.

Bibi turns over to showcase her pretty pussy and expose her cute little ass as she’s molded directly from her tight little body for the exclusive Bibi Jones Butt model, created to stimulate the unique and naughty pleasure of anal sex. We get a prime close up view of Bibi’s hot body as she lies bent over the table and the molding clay is lathered

Finally, Bibi’s cute little mouth is covered in clay and we get to watch as the she is molded for the Bibi Jones mouth Fleshlight unit, so you can experience what it’s like to slide inside and feel the tight opening of her cute little lips.

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