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Single, Yet Still Satisfied

I get asked quite frequently why I’m not in a relationship. I’m a single twenty seven year old man and people look at me like I have it all. I pay attention to my health, I have adventurous hobbies, and I’m very successful with my business. My friends and co-workers joke around constantly that I’m the good looking guy who just can’t get the lady. What they don’t know is that I can get the lady, I just choose not to. I’m such an independent person where being in a relationship just seems so time consuming, and frankly I’m too selfish to care for anyone else. That’s how I’ve always lived my life and that’s the way I like it, and probably the reason why I’m so successful today. When I think of relationships, I think of drama, always buying gifts to please, and arguments over the smallest dispute. I never really wanted that.

My close male friends always asked do I just sleep around frequently to get my sexual needs in. That’s not my style either. I wouldn’t want to use women like that constantly whenever I wanted to get off. What my buddies don’t know is that I’m probably way more satisfied than they’ll ever be. I enjoy masturbating on a daily basis. I use to always just use my hand like the majority of other men do, but a few weeks ago I found something that has completely changed my masturbation time.

It was a Saturday night and I was spending the night with myself exploring the internet. I crossed an advertisement about fleshlights. I then found myself looking up all the different kinds of them and became so intrigued. I was reading reviews from men and they were all positive feedback about this sex toy. I decided that I haven’t splurged on myself in awhile so I purchased one. I was so interested because they had an anal fleshlight and I haven’t had anal sex since my college years. Every day I waited for it to arrive and was so eager to get my hands on it and engulf my cock in it. Finally to my surprise, a week later, it arrived.

Original Butt Fleshlight

I didn’t use it right away since I was very busy the day it arrived, but finally in the night hours I had time to relax. I came across a picture on a site of a very attractive woman with blue eyes and blonde hair, and was instantly turned on. She was wearing a red bikini and her hard nipples were coming through so perfectly on her big soft tits. I decided to check out my favorite site to find a raunchy x-rated film. I found one that had a woman in it resembling the woman I had just previously seen randomly when on the internet. I brought out my anal fleshlight and started the film. My thick cock became so hard so fast from the first scene of the movie. This sexy woman was getting fucked doggy style and I saw an up close shot of her nice ass.

I started off by putting some lube on my cock to get it wet. I then inserted myself into this toy, and it was so tight surrounding me. I felt every inch of my long dick go through this fleshlight and it was just like the anal I remembered, but better. I was able to thrust it as hard as I wanted to, as fast as I wanted to, and it was so exhilarating. I then reached a spot of no return and pumped as fast I could until I ejaculated all over it. I even touched it afterwards with my cum on it and it was so soft like it was a woman right in front of me. Watching the movie was perfect since I could watch this woman getting fucked so hard like I believed I was doing. Seeing her full breasts rock back and forth while she was on her hands and knees had me all worked up. This first time with this toy was the most memorable masturbation time I ever had. I continued to use it and even purchased a few different kinds as well. I’m still a single man, but I’m not missing out on anything. Thanks Fleshlight!

– Submitted by Ryan C.

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One Response to “Single, Yet Still Satisfied”

  1. Cris says:

    A very nice story, fleshlight is the next great thing if you don’t have a girlfriend.

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