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My Fleshlight Vibro Story

Sliding my Fleshlight Vibro up and down my throbbing cock I imagined being inside Cindy as I gazed at her photo. I imagined what it was like to peel off her pink t-shirt and see her perfect, perky tits naked. I’d pinch her pretty little nipples and tweak them in between my finger some and make her moan.

Cindy had joined the company a year prior. I got a crush on her instantly, watching her each time she passed by my cubicle or flipped her long, auburn hair during meetings. One day, we’d both been eager to try the new Japanese restaurant near work and decided to go together. She wore a tight white t-shirt that hugged her tits, a short black skirt that accentuated her curvy, petite frame and a pair of black high heels. Undetected, I’d snapped a quick photo of her on my phone as she’d returned from a visit to the wash room.

Feeling the vibrating sensation of my Fleshlight Vibro as I slid it up and down my rock hard shaft, I felt my cock grow harder. I loved the feel of the rigged texture and the vibrating sensation heightened my arousal. I had another lunch date planned with Cindy tomorrow and I excited at the thought of being close to her again, smelling her sweet scent and eyeing her perfect, petite frame.

Setting my phone down on the bed, I stood, bending and pumping the Fleshlight Vibro in a steady rhythm along my meaty shaft.  I placed my finger at the point the hem of her skirt ended, imagining myself lifting and exposing her pussy. I imagined her petite hand reaching for my cock as she turned and bent over, spreading her juicy cunt for me and begging me to slide it inside of her and fuck her.

Feeling the Fleshlight Vibro texture stroke and massage my cock as the vibrating sensation brought me to orgasmic heights, I released my load, spurting a thick, creamy wad deep inside, imagining the entire time I was filling my beautiful Cindy with my milk.Fleshlight Vibro

The next day, working up my nerve at lunch, I invited Cindy over to my apartment. She had mentioned her love of Indian food, a cuisine we lacked near nearby the company building and, knowing my way around a good curry, said I’d be happy to teach her how to make a great Indian dish at home.

We had a fun time, chatting and cooking in my kitchen, and sharing a bottle of red wine. After dinner, on my couch, we sat close, talking about work and our career goals. She smelled sweet, like vanilla. The wine loosening my inhibitions, I touched her thigh lightly as I laughed at one of jokes.  She caught my hand and caught my gaze, her gorgeous green eyes sparkling.

“Scott, do you like me?” she asked.

“I’ve liked you ever since you were hired, Cindy. I saw you and thought you were the prettiest girl I’d ever seen.”

Her pretty pink lips lifted into a sweet smile, “I’ve wanted to go to lunch with you for a year. Just…. you never asked.”

I felt my stomach do back flips. I was the happiest I’d been in years. She took my hand in hers and slid close to me. Taking her cheek in my palm I kissed her sweet mouth, letting my tongue slide between her lips. She sighed, wrapping her arms around my neck. As I kissed her deeply, I reached my hand to her breast. She arched her back, pushing her perfect, round tit into my palm.

“I want you so much, Cindy.”

“I want you too, Scott,” she whispered.

Lifting her shirt, as I’d always fantasized, I exposed her creamy skin, her tits held in a little, pink bra with a white bow. Slipping her arms from the straps, I watched as her tits fell free, her pink puffy nipples hardening from exposure to the cool air. I bent to lick each one, twirling my tongue around the point until she moaned and ran her hands through my hair.

Her hands found my crotch and unzipped my jeans. She found her way into my boxers easily, wrapping her warm hand around my cock, which was growing rapidly. Picking her up, I sat her on my waist. As she stroked my cock, I reached my hand beneath her skirt and pushed the crotch of her cute, little pink panties aside. I looked down to see her clean, shaven mound, her sweet pussy glistening. I slid my finger in and felt how warm and wet she was.

“I want my cock inside of you, Cindy,” I said as I placed my hands around her slim waist and lifted her.

She adjusted her hips and put her pussy at my dick. Slowly, I lowered her onto my meat. I watched as her eyes fluttered and her lips parted. I sat her down on the base of my cock, filling her full.

My Fleshlight Vibro had given me extreme stamina and I fucked her good and deep for a good half an hour, picking up like a rag doll and dropping her back down on my shaft until, finally, I laid her on the couch, spread her dripping wet pussy and pumped her full of cock until she was ready to cum.

“Ohhhh! Scott, I’m going to cum!” she cried in ecstasy.

“Cum all over my cock, baby,” I groaned as I felt her constrict and tighten as she came and leaked her sweet juices down my cock.

Pulling from her, I cried out as I aimed my thick, mushroom head at her tits, stroked myself furiously and sprayed an ocean of cum over her tits as she squeezed and pushed them together. She looked incredibly soaked in my milk.

Cindy began to stop by my apartment every week. We’d cook dinner together, chat, laugh and drink wine until we walked to my bedroom. She’d undress, climb on top of me and slide her sweet pussy onto my dick. Every so often, I’d lay her down, snap a few photos of her spread wide, her beautiful pussy wet and ready, and, when alone, I use my Fleshlight Vibro to the sight of her gorgeous photos. I’d cum harder than ever, deep within the Fleshlight vibrating unit, as I imagined filling her moist, hot hole full of my milky cum.

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