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My Fleshlight Story in Vegas

I’ve been out the Army for a few years now. But, I still keep in touch with most of the guys from my company. When an old bunkmate from Iraq called me up to celebrate his retirement in Vegas, I didn’t hesitate to book a flight and meet up with the old crew. Everyone pooled in their money to get table service at one of the hottest clubs in town. They were happy to accommodate our group. Who doesn’t love the troops?

We walked in the night club like celebrities. The owner was nice enough to hook us up with a VIP table. It was pretty sweet. The girls kept coming over non-stop. Since we’re all in the best shape and pretty good-looking, they just assumed we were some athletes or someone important. There was one chick that really caught my eye. Her name was Lisa. She was this tall blonde with great legs. Lisa didn’t have huge tits, but they were perky. They weren’t hard to notice since she wasn’t wearing a bra under her revealing halter top. The jeans she was wearing—I think they call them skinny jeans or whatever—they revealed a big, round ass and fat pussy lips. This guy was in love.fleshlight and blonde girl

Initially my retired buddy was hitting on her, but it became obvious that she was interested in me. He just moved on to some red head who definitely wanted his cock. Lisa and I had a good vibe. She was a coed at UNLV studying something smart, like computers. I can’t really remember. But, it was cool that she wasn’t just some dumb gold digger.

Around 3 a.m., we headed to my hotel room. On the elevator ride up, she started tonguing me and rubbing my dick. Apparently, she wasn’t into playing games. That turned me on even more. We managed to get to my room with all our clothes on. As Lisa got undressed, I went through my luggage looking for condoms. Without thinking, I threw my Fleshlight onto the bed. Lisa didn’t miss it. Immediately I tried to recover, but she didn’t care what it was. She’d never heard of one before. I explained that I liked to take it along on trips just in case I didn’t get lucky. Lisa laughed. I could see the gears turning in her mind as she thoughtfully turned the fake pussy in her hand.

“Order a porno on the TV. I’ve got an idea,” she said with a mischievous smile. I lunged at the remote control, and scrolled through the X-rated movies until we found one we agreed on. I was hard before I even hit the start button.

Lisa didn’t waste any time. She got my cock out of my boxers and began stroking it. The movie started off as girl on girl with two chicks kissing and playing with each other’s pussies. I love that shit. While I watched one actress go down on the other, Lisa tongued my head. Then she grabbed the travel sized bottle of lube I packed, and poured it on my hard cock.  The Fleshlight slid down my dick in one smooth motion. That’s the great thing I love about these fake pussies. They get moist and easily absorb your junk.

I watched as Lisa used the Fleshlight on me with a determined look on her face. I loved how she concentrated. After a while, I said, “Why don’t you jump on?”

She hopped off the bed, and stepped out of her thong panties. I reached over and slipped a condom on. We kissed while she guided my cock into her pussy. I was wearing one of those fancy condoms with the ribs and shit for her pleasure. I think she liked it because she started moaning as soon as she began riding.

Lisa realized she was missing all the action, so she turned around and started riding me reverse cowgirl style. At this point in the movie, a dude was banging one chick while the other watched and played with herself. Lisa bounced on my cock like a pro, working her hips so that each stroke went from tip to base. I grabbed her butt cheeks and squeezed those luscious buns while she went to work. Lisa took one of my hands off her ass, and placed it on her pussy. I rubbed her clit while she rode me harder and harder.

“Oh my God, I’m coming” she moaned as the orgasm took over her body. I felt her pussy walls pulsating, and instantly shot my loads inside the condom. We lay next to each other sweaty and exhausted. I looked over at Lisa. She had a content smile on her face. Her creamy tits moved up and down as she slowly caught her breath. Even though my cock was soft, I still wanted her. I rolled on top of her and started sucking her nipples. She giggled.

“Get the Fleshlight,” I ordered. She reached over and got it. I straddled Lisa, and held up my dick so she could insert it into the fake pussy. I bit my lips as the soft flesh sucked in my growing hard on. We stared into each other’s eyes as Lisa’s arm worked the Fleshlight just the way I liked it. As the blood began to rush back into my cock, I could tell that we were going to have a long, fun night ahead of us.

Damn, I love Vegas!

Submitted by: Liam K.

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