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Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit to Last Longer

I was only a few pumps in, but I could tell the difference. I was stiff and erect and nowhere near ready to cum. I leaned back in my leather office chair and let the soft, stretchy material of the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit envelope my cock.

After the embarrassment of our one year anniversary night, I knew I had to work on increasing my stamina in order to please Cynthia. I didn’t want to lose my girlfriend because I couldn’t last longer than five minutes inside of her.  She loved me for sure, and had even moved some of her stuff into my place and taken a key to my apartment, but with my  lack of stamina, I was sure she was going to start thinking about leaving me for another guy.

It was a late Thursday evening and Cynthia had left a few minutes earlier to attend her weekly writer’s group meeting.  I had two hours to work on my Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit while she was away and had raced to prepare the unit the moment I kissed Cynthia goodbye. Once the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit was warmed, lubed and ready to go, I walked to my office and began to surf the internet for just the right inspirational image or two.

Fleshlight STU

It had taken me several sessions to even make it past five minutes inside the Fleshlight unit. The prominent pleasure nubs lining of the unit gave me immediate and intense pleasure and caused me to explode quickly inside. I had pumped too fast. I had thought too wildly of Cynthia’s tight body, long legs and bountiful C-cups.  The first few times, it was over before it had even begun, just like many of the sessions I had attempted with Cynthia over the past months. I had since learned to go slow, carefully controlling my rhythm and enjoy the sensation, lasting nearly a full twenty minutes the last several sessions.

My eyes closed, I worked the unit up and down slowly, feeling the moist intensity. The slower I went, the more I felt the gentle suction and beaded texture rubbing against my cock. Not nearly ready to cum, I surrendered to the pleasure and began to looked at the clock to time my sexy session. Twenty-seven minutes and I was still rock hard. I closed my eyes again and focused on giving myself slow, even strokes.

Suddenly, I felt a hand upon my cock. Startled, my eyes flew open and my body jumped within my chair. I looked down to see Cynthia on her knees, smiling up at me.

 “Wha –?!” I exclaimed, surprised she had made her way so into the apartment.

I forgot the flash drive with my edits. I came back to the office to grab.” She said, taking the Fleshlight into her hand completely.

“Baby, you don’t have to….  I was just – “ I attempted to stammer.

“I know. I found the packaging a few weeks ago.”  She stood and grabbed the straps of her yellow sundress. Pushing the straps off her shoulders she expertly let the dress fall to the plush carpet below.  She leaned down toward my chair, placed her hands upon the arm rests and leaned into my ear. “I’ve noticed it’s working.” She whispered.

My cock sprang to erect attention and I felt the walls of the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit gripping me like a vice; a wet, luscious vice. Any embarrassment I had about my girlfriend coming home to find me pleasuring myself immediately disappeared when she pulled down her pink silk thong, knelt down in front of his office chair and took control of the Fleshlight.

Cynthia always knew how to take control in the bedroom when I desired it, and today was no exception. She placed the palm of her right hand on my chest, pushing me forcefully back into the seat, while she pumped the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit up and down my cock with her left hand. Her rhythm was quick fast, but I was determined to hang on as long as I could, using every ounce of training I had perfected.

“Mmmmm…” she moaned as her eyes bulged at the sight of the Fleshlight swallowing my cock fully.

“Oh, Cynthia.” I moaned in response, reaching down to cup her full breasts in his hands as she took control of my orgasm.

She released her hand from the Fleshlight and laid down on the carpet, spreading her legs wide for me. I could smell her sweet musk; it entered my senses and drove me wild. I craved this woman and, now, craved her even more knowing she playful enough to enjoy such play. I reached to pull my cock from the Fleshlight.

“No!” she yelled, pointing to the flesh of her soft, beautifully moist mound. “Here.”

I rolled to the floor, pushing the office chair toward the wall with my heels. I collapsed into Cynthia and pulled her petite body toward me, as if I was entering her sweet walls, placing the Fleshlight just between her thighs and letting take hold of the unit for me.

I pumped masterfully, keeping a perfect rhythm while leaning forward to take one of Cynthia’s erect pink nipples into my mouth. Minutes passed as I continued to lick and suck her to pleasure and work the inner folds of the unit. Beneath me she moaned louder than she had in months during our lovemaking.

As I heard the “beep” of the digital clock on my desk, I looked down at my girlfriend and smiled a sly smile. She giggled softly and spread her legs wider. I reached my hand down and slid a finger into her pussy; entering and exiting her wetness in the same quick, rhythmic pattern I was working with the Fleshlight. I felt her spot, and began to focus intently on massaging and making it swell. Our eyes widened as we looked at each other. The sounds of our now sweaty bodies smacking together as we both begin to cum, an experience we hadn’t had since our first nights together as boyfriend and girlfriend. I collapsed into her on the floor as I felt the interior of the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit fill with my load.

Quiet, still and motionless on the floor Cynthia giggled once more, obviously proud of herself and me.

“How long?” she asked.

“Forty five.” I said with a proud grin on my face.

“Tomorrow night, let’s go for fifty. Inside of me.” She said as she stood up to dress and locate the missing flash drive.

Submitted by: Nick G.

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