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Fleshlight – A Man’s Best Friend

I’ve waited anxiously, trying my best to focus on what the man was saying on TV. Something about rain, only I have no idea where or when. I had been following it since the day I ordered it and the tracking number said it was arriving today. Finally, as if my thoughts had willed it, the doorbell rang. I raced to the door, flinging it open and revealing a plain box sitting on the ground. Trembling with excitement, I bend down and pick it up, taking a quick look making sure no one saw me as if they knew what was in it.

In a second I have the box open and am quickly tearing through it, those annoying packaging peanuts floating down around me like snow, searching for what I’m looking for. Suddenly, it’s there in front of me. The box has an image of a gorgeous brunette painted in cameo with nothing but combat boots on with Fleshlight: Stamina Training Unit in bold print above her. Seeing the woman on the box of Fleshlight instantly makes my cock rock hard. She looks a lot like my girlfriend and I flashback to when this all started and the simple statement that set the ball rolling. “You can’t be serious…already?!” Lisa had said those words so many times I was starting to think I wasn’t pleasing her.

Don’t get me wrong, we have wonderful sex and I know I please her orally, but recently she has been mentioning that sex doesn’t last long enough for her and I knew I had to do something about it or risk our sex life dying down. Anxiously, I pop the DVD in and follow the directions on the slip that came with it and prepare it for my cock.  Remove packaging, wash, warm, adjust suction. Fuck with FleshlightNervously, I lube the inside of Fleshlight and rub a little around the entrance, not wanting any issues. Slowly I ease my cock inside and instantly am overcome by a feeling I’ve never experienced. The Fleshlight surrounds my cock with unbelievable pressure and quickly engulfs my cock, cradling it in its warmth. I’m shocked at how real it feels and start to quicken my pace. Up down, up down, slowly up then slowly down.

The women in the video are naked and showing me how to build up my stamina using my Fleshlight STU. I laugh because if I were to try to teach men how to build stamina, I would use hairy fat guys in my video instead of gorgeous naked women. Sitting back, I close my eyes and think of Lisa.

Before I know it, the rhythmic motion combined with my thoughts of her brings me right to the brink of cumming. Suddenly I stop and pull it all the way off, backing myself away from that edge before starting again. This time I can’t help it and allow myself to explode. A pulsing wave of pleasure flows through my body as I cum in long, hard spurts, all the while still stroking my cock with the Fleshlight. When I’m finished, I slowly pull it off my cock and watch exhausted as cum slowly drips out of the opening.

I laugh again thinking of how I creampied a fake woman. Allowing my breathing to regulate, I reach over and grab my phone from off the bed.  I scroll through the contacts until I reach the “B”’s and find “Baby”.  With one final breath, I press call and press the phone to my ear.

Submitted by: Jack F.

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