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Fleshlight – The Greatest Gift

It was my tenth anniversary for being married to my wonderful wife, Linda. To be thirty five and having spent ten wonderful years with the love of my life has been incredible. We never had children and that has helped us to always put one hundred percent in our relationship and our happiness together. If people looked at us, they saw a happy sweet couple in love. Although this was very true, we definitely had a very kinky side to our relationship. We were always trying new positions to spice up our love life. I even handcuffed my wife one night and pleased her completely the whole night. I ate out her warm wet pussy until she moaned in pleasure. I even worked my tongue around while working two fingers in her pussy as well to give her the ultimate satisfaction. We definitely both got pleased frequently orally.

The night of our anniversary I decided to lay her gift on our bed so she could see it as a surprise. I bought her a diamond necklace that she has been wanting for months from a jewelry catalogue. In addition, I bought her a small bullet vibrator that I thought she would love. When she saw them she gasped and was so excited. I put the necklace on her and she definitely hinted by pulling up her skirt that she was ready to go to use that new bullet. When I thought we were about to get started on our sexual play, she gave me a gift that I wasn’t expecting at all. I opened it and it was this amazing fleshlight. I was so shocked because some friends from my office were talking about them. I never had seen one but heard so many great things about them that they satisfy way better than just using a hand to masturbate. So that night we decided to start off our foreplay by watching each other masturbate with our new toys.

fleshlight couple

I started off by sitting on the end of the bed while she sat at the top. I was so turned on by watching her slip off her toys knowing that I wasn’t going to be able to touch her yet. I had a full erection and was ready to try this fleshlight out. I pushed my hard cock into it and instantly I was feeling pleasure. It was so soft and took my cock completely inside of it. I started off thrusting it slow so I could last awhile because this feeling was extraordinary. It completely surrounded my cock creating the up most stimulation. I was just thinking of my wife banging me hard while riding me and it had my rhythm going faster. I was spaced out like I was in a paradise from the feel of this toy. I felt the warmth of it rubbing all over my cock in the right places. I moaned more than I ever have moaned from masturbating.

Then looking up and seeing my wife masturbate with her toy made it even better for me. I watched her rub the fast pacing bullet along her clit and she was quenching her legs with pleasure. I looked at her face and I knew she was going to orgasm soon. So I then picked up the pace even more with my fleshlight, feeling so tight around my hard cock, and I got closer to my wife. I then was about to cum, and pulled the fleshlight off and came all over my wife’s soft round tits while she had an orgasm as well, moaning and rolling her tongue around her lips. This was the most exciting and pleasuring moment I had ever had with a toy before. My wife giving me this fleshlight gift has now made it as a traditional pleasure tool for whenever I want it.

– Submitted by George

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  1. paul says:

    I’m so pleased that more couples are choosing to share theit sex toy fantasies and use sex toys with each other. The fleshlight is a great toy and this guy is lucky to have a partner who is open and understands how much fun they can both have by using sex toys. Thanks for sharing.

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