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Fleshlight My Favorite Valentine’s Day Gift

“Ok, so I thought long and hard about what to get you for Valentines Day and I came up with the best idea!” Lauren exclaimed as she handed over a box wrapped in pink paper with little hearts all over it. This was our fourth Valentines Day together and from experience, she always gave me something cute and sentimental. Last year she had given me a scrapbook with pictures of us together and the year before that, a book telling me all the reasons she loved me. With as much vigor as a kid on Christmas morning, I ripped off the paper and revealed a black box with bright green writing on it. The box showed a naked woman and as soon as I saw it, I knew exactly what it was. A Fleshlight. I had, of course, seen these before but never thought to get one for myself. I felt like if I bought one, Lauren would think she didn’t please me and that was far from true. “Let’s try it out!” she said with a sly little smile spreading across her face. Ripping it from the box, Lauren ran off to wash it real quick while I played with my cock that was getting harder by the second. Running back in, she tossed it on the bed and playfully pushed me down. Slowly trailing kisses along my body, she made it down to my cock and softly swirled her tongue around the head, swallowing it down every now and again.

fleshlight fuck

Suddenly, she was off me and I felt the tight opening of the Fleshlight at the head of my cock. She eased it on and started stroking, her pace quickening with every moan that escaped my lips. Quickly I felt an orgasm approaching and as if she could read my mind, Lauren pulled the Fleshlight off my cock and in a second she was on top of me. She eased herself down and onto my ready to explode cock, bracing herself on my chest and slipping my cock into her pussy. She was already dripping wet and it was apparent that she liked the Fleshlight as much as I did.  Grinding on my cock, Lauren reached down and slipped one hand between her thighs, slowly circling her fingers over her clit and making her pussy wetter. Fucking my cock harder and harder, she arches her back and explodes into her orgasm, fucking me faster as waves of pleasure wash over her. Once she finishes with cum dripping down her thigh, she hops off me again and replaces her pussy with the Fleshlight. “I want to be able to see you cum” she says as she starts vigorously stroking. Suddenly, I feel my orgasm building up in me and in a brilliant pulse, I explode into the Fleshlight, all the while Lauren still strokes. My body shakes and my eyes roll back as each wave reverberates through my body until they finally taper. Exhausted, Lauren climbs up beside me and lays her head on my chest. “How do you like your gift?” she asks. Still breathless, all I can do is nod my head enthusiastically as Lauren softly kisses me before nuzzling her head back onto my chest.

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