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My Best Fleshlight Experience

First, I would like to give a short description on what is a Fleshlight for those who are not yet familiar about this adult toy. Fleshlights are men’s sex toys with molded sleeves shaped like a real woman’s vagina or butt. It is also made of real feel super skin material that lets you feel it like a soft skin or a woman’s vagina or soft hands. It can be bought with a casing made of plastic that looks like a flashlight, thus came the peculiar name Fleshlight.

I don’t want to sound pompous but I know everyone will agree that we need to jack off every day, so do I for that matter. That is why I was driven to get my own Fleshlight to use every day even if it cost me a bit of fortune. But I can say each experience is quite unforgettable and outstanding. You will feel like you’re having a sex with a real woman.

Since I had quite an amazing experience with my Fleshlight, I no longer use my hands to jack myself off. But there is still times where I use my hands just to do some sort of rotating motion on the head of my dick before I let myself cum while using my Fleshlight. I often masturbate in the evening because after each session I feel relaxed and able to sleep easily. In the mornings, I often include cleaning my Fleshlight as part of my morning schedule.

I want to share a very wonderful experience with my Fleshlight just the other evening. During that time I was using the internet for porn videos while carelessly jacking with my Fleshlight. I don’t usually jack off immediately when I reach the peak. I often try to back off when I’m nearing my point of orgasm and start all over again to increase my desire and gratification. I was doing it for quite some time without my knowing it until I felt that I really need to go off. I also felt a little sore on my dick, so I really need to go off.

Because of this, I decided to finish my session on the bed after shutting down my computer. Lying on my bed with pillows under me, I continued to slide my dick up and down on my Fleshlight, slowly at first until I started moving in and out faster and faster feeling myself entering into a woman’s vagina in a furious pace. I felt like jacking off already and instead of doing it into my Fleshlight, I remove it and used my hands instead because I really felt like exploding.

jacking with fleshlight

I continued with the fast pace with my hands doing a lot of rotating actions especially with my dick head and bottom until I decided to cum off. Not to sound arrogant, I often shoot a generous amount and I can also make it up to my shoulders or upper chest. But during that time, my orgasm was the most outrageous experience I ever had. I was able to shoot up to my headboard, my pillows and all over myself for the first time in my life. I was quite shock that I just stay there on my bed catching my breath and reveling in the aftermath of the best session I had. Then I beat the shower to clean myself and the mess I created.

I therefore recommend you to have your own Fleshlight especially when you jack off regularly. It may be a bit pricey and hefty on the usage of lube but you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. You’ll surely experience the best and longest orgasm of all time.

Submitted by: Jack O.

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