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My Voyage with Fleshlight

It’s my first time to use a Fleshlight and I just received my order a few days ago. I was surely excited when I got hold of my first Fleshlight so I tried it on immediately. What I ordered by the way is the Pink Lady Wonder Wave. I was so curious about what it can do due to its name so I place my bet on it.

At first touch, I was mesmerized on how realistic the insert material usually felt. I thoroughly rinse and soak the Fleshlight for 5 minutes then look into some porn videos to start me going. I also applied some lube into the sheath including my dick to make the fit more comfortable and snug. As I get my dick into the Fleshlight, I can’t help but feel like I’m going into a woman’s vagina. I even tested the suction control available to find out the best experience ever. I found out that less suction is the best because I can make my session longer and special. It was also easier for me to make my imagination work using a Fleshlight while watching porn because I don’t need to use my hand while concentrating. It was the best fucking session ever.

Though to tell you frankly, I can’t compare well all the Fleshlights available because this is my first adult toy and experience with this thing. Although, I can say that without Fleshlight, I will miss a part of a wonderful experience given by this sex toy.

Fleshlight Review submitted by: Glenn G.
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