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My Fleshlight Over the Years

I love sex! What can I say it’s a guy thing? For some time, I’ve been a pursuer of women and I often go for a night out just to catch my favorite kind of action. But as time goes by, like other men, I also got tired and bored with the unending interaction with women just to get laid. It is also more expensive and trickier to pursue women nowadays. These got me thinking and reevaluating my position, then buying my own Fleshlight which I now use for more than a year now.

Using my Fleshlight for the first time is kind of awkward, especially that ever since I learned about sex I have never used any kind of men sex toys.  I prefer and contented myself with chasing after women and doing the act for real. But I passed through this clumsy stage because of the result I got from using the Fleshlight. I am very much thankful to those people who made this Fleshlight thing possible. It really shows that they knew what they were doing and what men really needs.

The only thing to consider when using a Fleshlight is the clean-up after use. You need to do this to maintain the texture and shelf life of your sex toy. Normally, rinsing the Fleshlight with warm water after use is enough to clean it. But if there’s a lot of cum, better immerse it in soapy water for a few minutes before rinsing. This is to avoid the crusty cum when you next use it. Then, put the Fleshlight back into its holder when fully dry. Don’t believe a thing about the “Fleshlight renewing powder” which is sometimes included in advertisements because it’s just made of cornstarch and is being sold expensively.

I would like to hear more reviews from dudes out there who uses Fleshlight sex toys because I plan to buy another one especially the improved ones. So any recommendations you can share for me?

Fleshlight Review submitted by: Harold P.
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