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Fleshlight, My Best Sex Toy Buddy!

Surfing the net for the Best Fleshlight took me some time because of many reviews, recommendations, available texture in their online site and my tight budget for the thing. I was really having a hard time deciding until I have chosen the Vortex texture. I was caught up with the name and sense I felt when reading reviews about it. I felt like I will be having the experience as real as having sex with a real woman itself.

When I got hold of this Fleshlight with Vortex texture for the first time and used it, I really got the exceptionally unique pleasure. I felt the texture to be mind-blowing. The first thing you will feel is pushing your cock through a soft vagina lip like a woman’s own vagina especially if you were able to lube it very well (I use flesh lube). The sensation you will feel is not easy to explain. First, you will feel a response around the head of your cock only. Then, the response will shoot up your whole shaft as you continue to drive into the sheath of the Vortex. It is also usual for me to play around when using my Fleshlight because I really want to go slow to absolutely feel the at most sensation of cumming. The Vortex helps me well with this because it is shaped with some areas that are wider which makes my involvement realistic and wild. I can say that it is better than pushing your dick into a woman’s vagina.

That is why, I’m thinking of getting another of the new and improved Fleshlights in the market today. I would like to have the super ribbed, stamina training unit or the Fleshlight M.I.L.F Hunter. I can’t really decide for now, but I think I will opt for something discrete or the Fleshlight girls combo pack (Since I like Katsuni, I would like to get the Katsuni Combo Pack) even if Fleshlights are quite steep.

Fleshlight Review submitted by: Peter A.
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