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My Best Fleshlight: Fleshlight Ice

Fleshlights are already famous online and in my home so it’s easy for me to get one of my own with different textures. What made me buy one is the Fleshlight Ice I saw online which is with the asshole and clear case. It took me a week to get the package when I ordered online and I was very anxious to try it on when finally I got my hands on it.

What made me raring to get my dick on it, is the softness I felt while just touching the Fleshlight Ice. I also saw that the hole of the Fleshlight butt was so small and it made me nervous that I might not get in. I am not a big man but it still concerns me a lot at first. But I found out that the Fleshlight has soft material feel. It fitted my cock quite perfectly like a woman’s hand with the right cuddle. Don’t worry too that it will not go back to its original shape and size because it has a soft texture. The sleeve has quite smooth canal, so I know how ever big I become it will definitely fit and I will feel comfortable in it. One thing to not forget when using a Fleshlight Ice is putting a lube all over it. With me, I also included lubing the head of my cock to make my experience more comfortable, long-lasting and realistic.Fuck with my Fleshlight Ice

What I don’t like about using a Fleshlight is that it is a bit untidy sometimes. But if you don’t want to be messy, you can sit up, lean forward and take the Fleshlight Ice off your cock. If not, just go with it particularly if you like looking at your dick going and pouring out of a crystal butt. All of us have our own fetishes, this one is mine!!!

Fleshlight Review submitted by: Randy L.
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