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Tori Black Fleshlight

Tori Black was born on August 26, 1988 as Michelle Chapman. An American pornographic actress that started the film industry in 2007. Tori Black is just her screen name when she entered the adult film industry. She was named the most facially attractive female performer in 2010 in her chosen industry by the Loaded magazine and has appeared in about 200 movies since then.

Tori Black Fleshlight

Tori Black’s Vagina

Tori Black’s Vagina, as one of her extra-ordinary stimulator featured in Fleshlight, has two unique textures – Lotus and the Torrid. These two textures has their own different kind of capabilities that would surely make a man to grab one as soon as possible. It is one reliable adult toy to own that will surely meet every ones expectations.

Lotus, for example is carved very likely to the real Tori Black’s vagina. Gives the most absolute sensation to feel, like you are having an intercourse with a real vagina. It starts with the smooth tightness for your entry, then a little wider when you go dipper and into an absolute comfortable canal of ecstasy just like the real counterpart.

For Torrid, it is a little different though. It is made for those who wants a very crazy ride, numbing, sweat-making and offers a great deal of ecstasy. It’s texture is made with bumps, ridges, rings and unbelievable chambers creating an unusual sensations from entry to finish. If you are looking for a different orgasm experience, then it I would certainly advise you to take Tori Black Torrid in your bed.

Tori Black’s MouthTori Black Mouth

Tori Black’s Mouth, Swallow, is a Fleshlight toy inspired by Tori Black’s real mouth. Its texture contains the realistic layers from mouth to throat. When you start to play with it, you’ll exactly start at a moderately tight entry, giving you the best of your oral fantasy and ends with a super tight canal that will surely take you to the verge of excitement.

Tori Black’s Butt

Tori Black ButtThe so called Forbidden is a mind-blowing enhance version of a Fleshlight Butt. Giving you the anal climax that you want to achieve like no other. Captures the real Tori Black’s butt, made of a soft real feel superskin, that will certainly feed your appetite for a naughty anal sex.

Why do men prefer Tori Black’s Fleshlight over other sex toys?

All products of Fleshlight are of high quality, and are designed to make sure that you get the best, realistic or even better masturbation experience like no other sex toys can.

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