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Tera Patrick Fleshlight

Tera Patrick, a very nice screen name for someone name Linda Ann Hopkins. Linda, or Patrick rather, was born on July 25, 1976 in Great Falls, Montana and was a former adult film actress. She was selected as the “Pet of the Year” in the year 2000 and became the publisher of Genesis on late year of 2003.

Patrick also owns a production called “Teravision” and actually released her first movie with Vivid Video titled Desperate starred by herself and her then-husband Seinfeld. She announced to be working more for a year or two in the industry and plans to release her self-titled adult films by then. In late 2007 of March, Patrick hit the bank with her best fastest selling Hustler release ever.

Tera Patrick Fleshlight

Tera Patrick’s Vagina

Tera Patrick’s Vagina, one of Fleshlight exclusive sleeve, modeled by Patrick is one unbelievable refined adult sex toy that Fleshlight has ever produced. It has two distinguished inner textures – Lotus and Twista.

Lotus, is a usual products of Fleshlight girls. It is almost like the real counterpart and contains the structures and texture of an average vagina. Gives you almost the same sensations and passions as with it’s ultra tight entry for a smooth push in, that would actually blossom into a more comfortable and wider canal for easy pushing and pulling, that gives you exactly what you are looking for.

Twista, the other inner texture of Tera Patrick’s Vagina, is one hell of a pick for you. If you are looking for a wild intercourse and mind blowing orgasm then Twista is for you. It is the signature texture of Tera Patrick’s vagina itself. Which amazingly features one ring that twist around the full length of the fleshlight sleeve that will surely drive you crazy and see what cloud nine look like after getting your way in. In addition also, the twist not only rubs off your penis but it also gives a good experience as it gets tighter the dipper you penetrate it.
Tera Patrick Mouth

Tera Patrick’s Mouth

Also, one of Fleshlight recommended oral sex toy is Tera Patrick’s Mouth, with one texture named Swallow. It is the texture of a real mouth and gives even better feeling compared to the real counterpart. It has the moderately tight entry just like with the pussies, a super ribbed texture that will rub you to your hearts content and ends with a super tight canal after going through the back of it’s realistic throat.

Tera Patrick’s Butt

Tera Patrick ButtTera Patrick’s Butt, has one texture and is also called as Forbidden. It has this unique quality and a different kind of capability in meeting up with the desires and unbreakable lust that men feels when they see Tera Patrick. It has this superskin ass molded just like Tera Patrick and drives men almost insane upon entrance.

Why men loves Tera Patrick Fleshlight sleeves?

Men Loves Tera Patrick Fleshlight sleeves because of the fact that it is a rare adult toy and are proven very satisfying. With the textures arousing names, like twista and forbidden, who dare not to get hard with it with Tera Patrick’s photo on your mind. There’s no better escape from your fantasies but these adult toys offered only by Fleshlight.

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