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Teagan Presley Fleshlight

Teagan Presley first entered the adult film industry, during her strives to support herself and her boyfriend. She first appeared into 70 films which almost of it are anal sex scenes. This stripped job of Teagan Presley pissed off her boyfriend which pushes her to have an agent for online pornography, that actually helped her to get through with her hard days.

After a year of having pornography as an extra job, she signed a contract then in the late year of 2004 with Digital Playground and built her career with great anticipation which brought her to where and what she is now. She also appeared on the HBO show Entourage as a member of the “Pussy Patrol” in Season 2, Episode 9, “I Love You Too”.

Teagan Presley Fleshlight

Teagan Presley’s Vagina

Teagan Presley’s Vagina, as one of Fleshlight exclusive adult toys modeled by Teagan Presley has two inner textures that represents different sides of Teagan’s sexual preferences. These are the Lotus texture and the Love Humps.

Lotus is the texture that presents the soft feminine side of Teagan, because of it’s usual texture of an average vagina for an average experience of vaginal intercourse. It starts with almost the same path of a real vagina, an ultra tight entry, that allows a smooth entrance and will blossom into something more homely feeling and comfortable canal that will leave you satisfied enough if you are in the mood for regular sex.

Love Humps, however is the wild side of Teagan. Created with great effort to anticipate a tremendous sensation as soon as you start getting dipper. This Love Humps, is a hybrid of lotus garden and speed bumps texture which will surely have you gasping for air with it’s intensity. Each of the giant soft bumps, inch by inch will hug you fully and give you a lusty feeling and burning desire much better than the Lotus does.Teagan Presley Mouth

Teagan Presley’s Mouth

Fleshlight also have Teagan Presley’s Mouth modeled by Presley herself and has only one texture. Swallow, which actually is composed of the same layers of what a real mouth is. Begins with a moderately tight opening, allowing a good and smooth entry for you, with a super ribbed texture in your way in to dipper sensational feelings and ends with a very tight canal which will meet you up after feeling the back of the throat.

Teagan Presley’s Butt

Teagan Presley ButtTeagan Presley’s Butt, is also one of the popular Fleshlight sleeve available for everyone who needs it. It has a single inner texture which is the Forbidden, made with a super skin ass, and a unique blend of intensifying structure that will surpass all your needs and sex drives.

Why men should love Teagan Presley Fleshlight sleeves?

Because Teagan Presley Fleshlight are one of a kind are actually a good alternative for other sex toys. Specially the Love Humps, it is undeniably one good material to outrun any other sex toys, with Teagan Presley  pussy lips curved perfectly on a Fleshlight. It is a rare luxury and pure fun and pleasure doer that all her fans must have.


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