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Tanya Tate Fleshlight

Tanya Tate is one of the hottest bi-curious models of Fleshlight Sleeve that promoted her very own products. She is a British babe from Liverpool, who started her British adult film career at the age of 30 year 2009. She now manages her time for two places, London and Los Angeles for her blooming adult film career. Tanya also wrote regularly for a column for British magazine known as “Ravers DVD”.

She was also found on a headline of an Irish newspaper for discovering that one of the participants of the filming of her series titled Tanya Tate’s Sex Tour of Ireland was the popular Gaelic Athletic Association player Greg Jacobs. Tanya also traveled the countryside meeting Irishmen and filmed both soft-core and hardcore.

Tanya Tate Fleshlight

Tanya Tate’s Vagina

Tanya Tate’s Vagina, one of the Fleshlight products has three types of distinctive textures – Lotus, Primal and Vortex.

Lotus is the common real counterpart insert sleeve that gives men the desired animosity for a great sex encounter. It is made from a super soft skin beginning with a smooth ultra tight entry and later on blossoms into a more comfortable canal that leads to a sensational fulfillment.

The other texture which is the Primal, is the combination of what Lotus can do. It has this ultra intense texture that certainly satisfies your most primal instincts. It is the combination of Fleshlights popular inner textures that turns into one unique and powerful blend of sex experience. Upon entry you will dive into rows of tiny teeth rings from the swallow texture then dipper, will break through into lotus nodes. With these features, men will certainly experience different excitement from their regular sex routine.

The last texture but not the least is the insert made to meet men’s wildest dreams for sex intercourse. Vortex, is the first new class of insert made only by Fleshlight. It features an incredibly stimulating textures ad variance of canal diameter. It has four spiraled chambers that will definitely bring men into the dizzying pleasure and sensations.

Why men love Tanya Tate’s Fleshlight sleeves?

Men love Tanya Tate Fleshlight insert sleeves because it comes with three different textures, giving also three options for men on what kind of pleasure extremity they want to experience. Not only that it is made in high quality but also it is safe to use and very promising in what it does. Totally a must have for all men out there who dreams to bring a different mix for their sex issues.

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