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Suzie Carina Fleshlight

If you are an avid reader of an adult magazine, then you most likely see Suzie Carina in one of the releases. She’s probably one of the best looking gals. Suzie Carina a.k.a. Susana, Susie, Zuzana, Carina and Suzy was born on November 28, 1983 at Brno, Czech Republic. Suzie’s real name is Zusana Scepkova, a famous Czech actress who had appeared in approximately 90 pornographic films. Her first career as an actress was in 2002 where she had various erotic heterosexual and anal scenes.

Suzie Carina

Suzie Carina’s Vagina

Suzie Carina Fleshlight are among the top-selling brands because of its distinct quality. Carina is maybe the hottest figure in the Fleshlight Euro collection. Her pussy looks so inviting. The Fleshlight sleeves perfectly mimic her vagina orifice. Penis size doesn’t matter here. Whether yours is only 3 inches or 7 inches, you’ll get your way to a full climax. It feels like you are actually having sex with Suzie’s vagina. Lotus texture is probably the most realistic vaginal intercourse. It just like penis smooching a woman’s cervix. It mimics an ultra tight vaginal entry that blossoms to ease you just like a woman counterpart. In addition, it makes a mild sound as if your making love with someone. Aside from lotus, a mini-lotus inner texture allow every man to move closer to the orifice and experience all the sleeve has to offer.

Primal texture sleeve begins with perfectly molded two rows of small teeth which gives an incredible cock stimulation on your way in. It’s a real pleasurable sensation with bumps that provide extra ecstasy as you penetrate deeper. This thing greatly works to harden your shaft giving you an intense sexual massage all throughout the Fleshlight session.

Vortex is renowned for incredibly stimulating texture and very popular to men who loves dizzying pleasure.

Why men love Suzie Carina’s Fleshlight sleeves?

Unlike common multi-textured sleeves, you don’t need to use as much lube with Suzie Carina Fleshlight Sleeve. The lube stays and this makes sexual experience more intense. Moreover, cleaning the sleeve is easy. Be sure to clean the chambers. Turn the end of the sleeve inside out and wash thoroughly.

The whole thing is just perfect. Whether you choose the mini-lotus, lotus, primal or vortex. For some, realism is not a big deal but if it does matters to you, then Fleshlights are packed with features to satisfy your needs. Suzie Carina fleshlight first class inner texture sleeves and are among the most sought after collections that will definitely bring you to pleasure beyond compare.

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