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Stoya’s Fleshlight

Stoya was born on June 15, 1986 in Wilmington, North Carolina. She is one of the hottest porn star since she first started acting for adult films. A certified model and at the same time a certified American pornographic artist. She was Digital Playground exclusive contract performer and the first Alt porn (alternative pornography) contract girl. Stoya is AVN’s 2009 Best New Starlet.

Stoya Fleshlight

Stoya’s Vagina

Stoya’s Vagina, one of the most wanted featured Fleshlight adult toy has two explicit types of texture – the Lotus and the Destroya. Lotus is most likely molded to Stoya’s Vagina. It has this smooth but slightly tight opening for entry which will later on lead you to a more comfortable canal which will absolutely give you the most sensational vaginal sex intercourse ever.

Destroya, on the other hand is more like the experimental side of Stoya. It is made with three small ring of bumps that will hold you tightly, followed by a dome of piercing pleasure which will surely give you an unmatched bliss at exactly 360 degrees or maybe even more depending on how you push your way towards the rough pleasure obstacles. With a the next stage containing countless teeth and fangs that would surely drive men mad out of pure pleasure with it’s final row of super ribbed bumps that would narrow the farther you get inside.stoya mouth

Stoya’s Mouth

This is likely what Stoya lips look like. It is curved perfectly on how Stoya’s appear to be. A lips with the desirable touch of uniqueness and passion. It is the so called Swallow, with a texture of a real mouth which gives men the actual feeling of oral sex. With a moderate tight entry and a super ribbed texture that will rubbed men to death for the unmatched pleasure that the grinding would do ending with the back of the throat that is more tight.

Stoya’s Butt

stoya buttForbidden, as Stoya’s Butt is a texture perfectly curved and made with pleasure rides inside. It stimulates the men desires for anal sex and gives exactly the best service an adult toy can. It satisfies the different taste of men and make the man out of them.

Why men loves Stoya’s Fleshlight sleeve?

All because this sleeves are made to meet a man’s dream and standards of what a real intercourse is. It gives them the most desired relief of their longing for different kinds of sex, specially with the vaginal sex intercourse which comes with different kinds of Stoya Fleshlight textures. If you love to fuck Stoya, you’ll gonna love the Stoya Destroya Fleshlight. Absolutely a must to have for real men.

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