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Riley Steele Fleshlight

Riley Steele is one of the hottest Fleshlight girl and many boys fantasize her.  She was born on August 26, 1987 and was able to start her adult film artist career after meeting up her favorite artist Jesse Jane, who in fact is also one of the Fleshlight girls. Before becoming a famous porn actress, Riley Steele also worked at Starbucks and at a golf-course bar.

After  joining Jesse Jane and all other Fleshlight girls, she had come too far to ever think about quitting and actually received five different kinds of awards, one is the 2012 AVN Award (The Fan Awards) – Best Body, Favorite Pornstar, Hottest Sex Scene, Twitter Queen. She appeared in several movies like the Piranha 3D and The Girl’s Guide to Depravity, an HBO/Cinemas series.

Riley Steele Fleshlight

Riley Steele’s Vagina

Riley Steele here modeled three types of Fleshlight products namely the Vagina, Mouth and Butt. All three has its own uniqueness and different types of capability in giving guys the sensations they want. Riley Steele’s Vagina, has two textures – Lotus and the Nipple Alley. Lotus is the usual type of texture that represents almost the same usual Fleshlight girls vagina. Lotus is even better and also sensation promising like other textures.

The Nipple Alley in one way is way different and much better than what Lotus offers. Nipple Alley is made based on the popular wild ideas of men of speed bumps textures added with tiny nipple like dots on top of each bumps. Making extreme sensations and totally different level of stimulation that will surely tickle your way in and out.Riley Steele Mouth

Riley Steele’s Mouth

If Riley has these  two types of vagina textures, well she also has one texture inspired from her mouth. This texture was called Swallow, a realistic mouth-like Fleshlight toy that promises what a real oral sex is. With its moderately tight opening and an intense way of stimulation of its Super Ribbed texture, it will surely drive men crazy and crave for more. Halfway through the Super Ribbed texture, men will encounter the real feeling of what’s it like meeting the back of the throat ending with a super  tight canal.Riley Steele Butt

Riley Steele’s Butt

Forbidden also is one of the Fleshlight adult toy modeled by our very own Riley Steele. Her butt is made especially with a realistic touch giving realistic experience of anal intercourse that ever existed. Allowing each man’s backdoor fantasies to reality with the soft, Superskin ass molded with inspiration from Riley Steele’s butt itself. Created to make men naughty and go crazy over the sensations. This promises one good sex experience inspired by one sexy star, Riley.

Why men love Riley Steele Fleshlight sleeves?

Men loves Riley Steele Fleshlight because of many good reasons. One is because of her Nipple Alley vagina texture that is made with great inspiration and with super promising sensation maker that would allow men to experience what they’re longing to experience. Surely a must have for all men out there who likes bed adventures.

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