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Misty Stone Fleshlight

Misty Stone was born on March 26, 1986, she’s an American nude model and porn actress who entered the adult movie industry in 2006 at a young age of about 20 and show up in over 160 movies. Stone is popularly known as “Halle Berry of Porn” and can be also seen in the Cinemax series, Co-Ed Confidential in the role of Dawn.

misty stone fleshlight

Misty Stone’s Vagina

Lotus, one texture of Misty Stone’s Vagina is the realistic adult toy set to give a real experience of a vaginal intercourse. Just like the real counterpart, the texture gives you almost the same sensations from entry to finish. It is not much but absolutely not less than what other adult toys can do.

Bump-n-Grind, also one of Misty Stone’s Vagina, is a texture made not to mate but to impress the nerve endings of the male sex organ. It is made of so much grinding chambers and different levels of bumps and ribs giving you a challenging yet dirty entry that will surely give you a different taste of orgasm, and a ragged but sensational pack of emotions that will hold your breath. To experience that extra-ordinary satisfaction, you should go through these tons of alternating speed bumps and ribs, to get a hold of that homely soft welcome with a nice hug from within.

misty stone swallow

Misty Stone’s Mouth

Swallow, a texture of Misty Stone’s Mouth, is an exclusive Fleshlight adult toy inspired and modeled by Misty Stone herself. This awesome realistic version of Stone’s mouth is made to ignite the desires of men for oral sex. It’s carved with perfection to make fantasies into realities of passion and sensations to find the special blend of orgasm that’s never been experience.

Misty Stone’s Butt

misty stone forbiddenMisty Stone also have her butt into a Fleshlight toy. Misty Stone’s Butt has one single texture, the Forbidden. Made with an almost real soft ass superskin that is purposely created for the sake of mens satisfaction for a real anal sex. Giving way for their long kept backdoor fantasies, and to finally lead them to the most awaited anal climax that will give them the perfect timing of the wanted orgasm.

Why men love Misty Stone’s Fleshlight sleeves?

All because Misty Stone fleshlight meet the men’s standards and qualifications when it comes to how much these could help their drives to lessen. It’s proven to be effective and surely give men a reason to be aroused every single minute. Nothing compares to the satisfaction these Fleshlight sleeves guaranteed and some already had tried it and claimed it’s a perfect match for whatever you’re naughtiness is up to.

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