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Marry Queen (Miela) Fleshlight

Marry Queen, popularly known as Miela in most of her pornographic films is native of the Czech Republic. She got her break in 2010 as a nude model then later on that same year, a hardcore pornographic actress. Although she stood in the limelight in 2010, she has already started modeling and starring in films late in 2009. She started immediately at 18.

She is also known as Agata, Lena, Angela, Terry Fine and Mirka in her other films. She is widely appreciated in the industry because of her youth. She started doing anal sex scene not too long after her debut and it was one of the best bold assets that added to her sex appeal.

Fleshlight has introduced Marry Queen as one of its Fleshlight Girls Euro. Marry Queen’s vagina is featured in their list and it introduces you to a whole new experience of sexual orgasm like you’re having her pussy slide through yours in an instant.

Marry Queen Fleshlight

Marry Queen’s Vagina

Marry Queen’s Vagina is the exact replica of its real counterpart – introducing you to a different ride through Marry Queen’s young and tight pussy. You can enjoy Marry Queen’s vagina in 3 inner texture varieties: Mini Lotus (limited offer only), Primal and Vortex. Satisfy your inner sexual drive and fantasy, matching your Marry Queen Fleshlight routine with your favorite Miela porn movie.

The Mini Lotus has been inspired by Fleshlight’s Lotus texture. Mini Lotus is available for a limited time only and is an exclusive signature of Fleshlight. Mini Lotus has been made tighter than its original basis, the Lotus, allowing men to experience full pleasure as he rides through the exciting sleeves, realistic soft skin and exact replica of the external genitalia, molded and inspired by Miela young vagina.

Primal offers an intense texture waiting to be dived into. Pair it with your favorite lubricant, and you’re instantly aboard on a wild ride. It is a combination of both the Swallow texture which is commonly used on most Fleshlight mouths and the Lotus, which is the wildly successful texture from the number one sex toy provider in the world. Within the walls of the Primal is an ultra intense texture to fuel your drive, soft skinned yet wildly exciting.

The Vortex is greatly known for its sleeve variety. The canal has different diameters, making every centimeter a unique wild ride from the other. The inset sleeves have been made deeper and the variance in the spiraled chambers will keep you wanting for more. Get your very own Miela Fleshlight today and experience it!

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