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Lisa Ann Barracuda Review

Lisa Ann’s mouth replica sex toys are one of the famous brands where a lot of consumers can identify anywhere because of their lip spots and ease of wrapping around you. Lisa Ann’s Mouth Fleshlight with a swallow texture has a very close reproduction of the throat. It also offers a deep throat sensation due to its crests and ends with a close-fitting passage that clinches my head tightly. I feel the passionate stimulus of the Super Ribbed Texture. It provides me with a hundred percent satisfaction and immediately urges me to consider it as part of my favorite collection.

Lisa Ann Fleshlight

One of her products I would like to share to you then which came out last year only is the Fleshlight Lisa Ann Barracuda. Lisa Ann Barracuda texture will surely provide you with best and most true to life pussy encounter. I would like to try the massaging grip-like feel of this sex toy by trying it on myself. This will definitely help you decide to try it on yourself or choose some of the textures available from Lisa Ann.

My Experience with Lisa Ann Barracuda

Lisa Ann BarracudaSex toys allowed me to undergo unforgettable experience which I would like to share with you and to encourage you to experience it too yourself. All throughout my stint in using Fleshlight, I prefer using water based lubricant. To start with, I used a Fleshlube water based lubricant to lube the orifice up and down making sure that a sufficient amount got all the way to the innermost part of the Barracuda. This is to make sure that all its bristles were well lubricated. I also put some on myself since my penis definitely is longer than my fingers. This certainly took on an additional drop of lube but can make my experience more enjoyable and easier.

Then I push myself in slowly at first and I can right away feel the Barracuda’s bristles pushing back at me also. In this situation, it lets me feel an ideal reception because it wrapped around my head and slid over it kneading it from here and there. After that here comes the joint that can without a doubt fire up a woman’s cervix which precisely put in an added tautness to my tender progress. After the orgasm I felt from its bristles, I felt calm and tender because the twist between the bristles and joint made certain of my satisfaction.  The end phase of the experience was the channel of bristles pointing to the series of smaller array of bristles. They feel like a woman’s velvety hands kneading me all over again.

I really enjoyed the experience this product make me feel. I like the sensation that I experience using this Fleshlight Barracuda, and it’s an amazing one. So, if you want to make love with Lisa Ann then this is the best imitation of her sex toy you should choose to experience.

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