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Katsuni Fleshlight

Katsuni is a French pornographic artist, born from a Vietnamese father and a French blooded mother on April 9, 1979 in Lyon, France and can actually speak fluently both French and English. She entered the adult film industry in the year of 2002 at the age of 23 right after studying political sciences for a year at Grenoble Institute of Political Studies and has since appeared in about 200 films. Received several awards and just recently promoted Hentai in Angoulême, France during a convention of comics in 2011.

katsuni fleshlight

Katsuni’s Vagina

Katsuni’s Vagina, the exclusive adult toy of Fleshlight, offers two different options of pleasure driven innovation for a better sex experience. It has it’s own uniqueness and different capabilities in firing an emotion of so much desire and lust.

Lotus is the texture that almost carbon copied the real Katsuni’s vagina. Gives men more of the sensational feeling of a typical vaginal intercourse. It’s made even better, with the imperfection out of the picture and with the perfect skin tone and soft superskin. Giving you the same moderately tight entry and a more comfortable canal on the dipper part which will surely give you the orgasm you wanted most.

The other texture is the Lotus Garden, which is purposely made for an intense pleasure and an absolute different kind of experience for vaginal intercourse. This one has nodes that exist from the beginning ’til end. These nine nodes, exactly is the very thing that differ from the rest of the Fleshlight sleeves. It is made to rock the men’s desire for sex and to wildly push their way in with the extreme intensity. Drives them insane and gives them the satisfaction of an extraordinary ecstasy that you never thought would come to reality.

Why men love Katsuni’s Fleshlight sleeves?

Men should love Katsuni’s Fleshlight sleeves because Katsuni Fleshlight is never like the rest of the adult toys out there. With the thought of Katsuni, picturing her desirable body, no man could say no to her Fleshlight temptations. It is highly made of real feel superskin material and is guaranteed to meet your standards and qualifications. A realistic model of Katsuni’s vagina and gives more of what reality can actually give.

You should try these types of textures that only Katsuni can give. Specially the Lotus Garden texture, it is highly meant for men with wild fantasies of sex. These can actually replace your girlfriend temporarily and can even do better. So if you’re looking for an extraordinary adult toy, Fleshlight is on your side and is absolutely the exact sex toy for you.

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