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Jesse Jane Fleshlight

Jesse Jane has been in the adult film industry for quite sometime already and has proven herself in this career. She actually got the idea of being a pornographic artist from reading an article that concerns with Tera Patrick being one of an adult film actress too and signed right then a contract after contacting the source. Her career in the industry eventually bloomed after a short time of starring into several movies and received awards that paid off her hard works and masterpiece acting to countless movies.

She grew up from several military bases of Midwestern United States and actually is a military brat. She was born on July 16, 1980 in Texas and named as Cindy Taylor. A cheerleader varsity in high school from Kansas. Jesse Jane is just her screen name.

Jesse Jane Fleshlight

Jesse Jane’s Vagina

Jesse Jane’s Vagina, one of the exclusive adult toy available from Fleshlight modeled by Jesse Jane herself has two kinds of textures – Lotus and Gauntlet. The first texture is almost like the real counterpart showing off what Jesse Jane vagina is. It’s inside skin-like texture will surprise you with a slightly tight entry just like the usual vaginal intercourse and as you go way dipper will great you with a more comfortable canal and gives you the same satisfaction as expected.

Gauntlet, the other texture of Jesse Jane vagina amusingly one of the best Fleshlight sleeves that existed. It has this texture that gives you a tickling sensation from your way in until your way out. This contains a tight micro rib that rubs gently over it’s ring. Gives you the intense sensation when you go dipper into the lotus nodes after the micro rib. Then, surprise you with it’s fang texture that will massage your way in and pull you even dipper until you get to the best part of it, the ultimately intense texture of STU bumps that would actually gives you the best orgasm.Jesse Jane Mouth

Jesse Jane’s Mouth

Jesse Jane also have a Fleshlight sleeve available for oral intercourse. Which is known as Jesse Jane’s Mouth, with one texture named Swallow. This texture is inspired by Jess Jane lips and exactly looks like it. This will start with a moderate tight opening, then you’ll go through with a super ribbed texture which will surely give you a different taste of oral sex meeting with the the back of the throat as you go dipper and then ends with a super tight canal like the real counterpart.

Jesse Jane’s Butt

Jesse Jane ButtForbidden, Jesse Jane’s Butt texture is one of Fleshlight exclusive sex toy which gives way to any mans backdoor fantasy with it’s superskin texture molded perfectly like her desirable body only to stimulate a unique and intense sensation like no other anal sex could offer.

Why men loves Jesse Jane Fleshlight sleeves?

Men really love Jesse Jane’s Fleshlight sleeves because it never fails to surprise them with it’s uniqueness and gives them the satisfaction that they expected. This product is mainly made for them and are on safe and high quality. This is a must have for most men, specially those who have no friends to play with during a cold night. This will actually meet mens taste of pure pleasure and fun.

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