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Jenna Haze Fleshlight

One of the most popular young studded pornographic actress, model and director of all time is Jenna Haze, who was born on February 22, 1982 and had started her career in adult film industry at the age of nineteen. Literally more on same sex scenes out being too loyal with her boyfriend who introduced her to a friend who knew the adult actor Peter North and the actor/director Craven Moorehead.

She was born in California, of Spanish, Irish and German descent. A very good student in highschool and gained good grades too but not until she learned about boys and sex stuff. She was dropped out in highschool by age 15 and received home schooling instead and had several various low-wage jobs. At age 18, she tried to be a stripper and give lap dances to men.

Jenna Haze Fleshlight

Jenna Haze Vagina

Fleshlight just happen to have a contract with Jenna and  paid her to model her own line of sex toy which are eventually named after her. Jenna Haze’s Vagina, an exclusive Fleshlight sleeve sex toy has two inner texture – Lotus and the Maze, existed for you to choose from depending on your choice of good sex intercourse.

Lotus, is mainly the plain and close to reality texture made to satisfy men’s need for an average vaginal sex. It has this texture of a real counterpart which starts with the ultra tight opening for a smooth entry and the blossoms into a much wider and more comfortable canal as you go deep and will eventually have you pushing on and on to reach that desired ending.

The Maze on the other hand, is not just your ordinary adult sex toy to play. It is one of a kind and first mind blowing product that was ever produced. Made with so much stimulating chambers of mazes that will challenge you and keep you digging and going dipper as you push through each wall that will massage you as you go.Jenna Haze Mouth

Jenna Haze Mouth

Jenna Haze’s Mouth, has one texture and that is Swallow. A good example of a mouth sex toy to play with. Carbon copied the real layers of a mouth into throat. Starting with the moderate opening, then a super ribbed structure that will surely drive your cock insane and crazy when it starts to massage you up until you reach the very tight canal just after reaching the back of the throat.

Jenna Haze Butt

Jenna Haze ButtJenna Haze’s Butt, is also one of the exclusive products of Fleshlight and has one inner texture that is popularly known as the Forbidden. With it’s superskin ass and a good and perfect way of entrance, this will surely make your backdoor fantasies into a real one. Sure would blow up all your other thoughts and focus only to Jenna Haze desirable body and intensify your desires and lust.

Why men loves Jenna Haze Fleshlight sleeves?

Men loves Jenna Haze Fleshlight sleeves because of the fact that it is way different than other brands and are safe to use with proper usage. Fleshlight offers various of options to choose whether you are in for a wild ride or not. This sleeves never fails to satisfy the users and does eventually made them to want more.

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