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Carla Cox Fleshlight

One of the hottest Czech Republic babes nowadays is Carla Cox. She was born in May 25, 1984 on Brno. A Caucasian pornographic star, which started last 2006 and still getting more and more aggressive in her chosen profession until present. She is also known by her famous alias sexy Susie, and has a tattoo in a form of a tailbone. She also appeared in many adult films including her very own filmography, All Carla Cox DVD Titles.

Carla Cox Fleshlight

She’s not only a porn star; she is also an adult model and modeled her own product line in Fleshlight. Carla Cox is a very irresistible talent of Fleshlight that he had sold her own products under her name. Carla Cox Fleshlight, has three textures in total. Each texture has its own uniqueness and style of stimulating textures. The textures are named Lotus, Primal and Vortex.

Carla Cox Vagina

Lotus, as her first product texture is like the real counterpart and really does look like Carla’s vagina. This insert sleeve does not only exist to mimic what a real vagina can do but even better. It gives the most realistic sensational feeling of a sex intercourse giving men the desired fulfillment by bumping in the insert as much as they wanted.

Primal, is the second mentioned Carla Cox’s Vagina texture that can be differed from Lotus by just looking at its textures inside and the possible sensations it may give. It exists to satisfy men’s primal instincts with its ultra intense textures. It is the combination of the popular inner textures of Fleshlight into one extreme and powerful sex intercourse. Upon entry you will dive into tiny teeth like rings the absolutely massage you into one sensational motion and will make you want to break through the last part which is the Lotus node.

The last texture of Carla Cox’s Vagina, which is Vortex, is the most desirable insert sleeve in her product line. It is because of its complexity and unique sensible textures that certainly give men what they wanted out of a wild sex intercourse. The first new class of Fleshlight that has incredible stimulating textures that also has variance of canal diameters. With its four spiraled chambers, it will make men breakthrough a very dizzying sensation of pleasures.

Why men love Carla Cox Fleshlight sleeves?

Men so much love Carla Cox’s Fleshlight sleeve because Carla herself modeling it, will surely make men go crazy over her and her product. The insert sleeve is very unique and soft that it feels like you’re really in with a great sex experience every night. Certainly a must have for all men out there who anticipated so much of having extreme, exciting and interesting sex experience.

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