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Bibi Jones Fleshlight

At an early age of nineteen, a young teenager named Bibi Jones shows up from films and became popular on the adult film industry. She is also known as Lexy Jones and Britney Beth on other cases of the industry. She’s one of the hottest pornographic artist of her time and eventually have gained such great reputation on her chosen career field. Early this year at the month of July, she did not hesitate to announced about her nearing retirement from the adult film industry on Twitter and Facebook.

Bibi Jones Fleshlight

Bibi Jones Vagina

There is no need of worrying about her retiring because, she has inspired a good sex toy from Fleshlight named after her. One of it is Bibi Jones Vagina, that appears to be just like Bibi Jones sex organ and is available with two different inner textures – Lotus and the Bi-Hive.

Lotus is much likely the artificial version of a real Bibi Jones vagina, presenting the same sensations and gives men what it exactly feels like when having a vaginal intercourse with women. Starting with a smooth ultra entrance, that will eventually bloom into a much wider way in and ends with a much better comfortable canal, comfortable enough to satisfy every man.

Bi-Hive on the other hand, is the texture of unique composition, that is purposely made to stimulate and drive men to increase their stamina with sex. With the entrance of subtle resistance bristles that massage the penis with total excitement and various types of sensational chambers which takes place as you go dipper with it’s enhanced pleasure-points, no one will be strong enough to resist as this texture only shows how ultimate your climax will be once you are in it.

Bibi Jones Mouth

Bibi Jones MouthLike other Fleshlight girls, Bibi also have an existing adult toy made out exactly as what her mouth looks like. Bibi Jones’ Mouth, with one inner texture, which is known as Swallow is one of the most wanted oral sex toy in the market. It has this realistic texture starting with a moderate tight opening for a smooth entry and a super ribbed texture dipper as you go that will surely drive your penis nuts and ends with a tight canal starting from the back of the throat if your wish to push harder and dipper.

Bibi Jones Butt

Bibi Jones ButtBibi Jones’ Butt, is an anal sex toy instrument brought by Fleshlight, modeled by Bibi and molded like what her ass looks like to make mens backdoor fantasy into a reality. One awesome reality with great pleasure and fun with this enhance sex toy and a hot photo of Bibi Jones. This will surely linger into your minds longer than expected with it’s superskin ass texture made to simulate an intense sensation like no real anal sex could offer.

Why men loves Bibi Jones Fleshlight sleeves?

Only because Bibi Jones Fleshlight offers only the best quality and the best sex toy ever that will surely perform good and would only meet what men are longing to feel. With it’s unlikely cover, and a unique form, made to be very accessible and safe to bring just anywhere, I recommend this product if you are looking for fun and pure pleasure.

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