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Asa Akira Fleshlight

Asa Akira is an adult film actress known as the “Snow Whore” in Bubba The Love Sponge radio show. She’s a Japanese-American born in New York and have lived in Japan in her younger years. She received several awards from her film Pure, and took her career to where it is best brought.

Asa Akira as one of the Fleshlight girls, have her own unique line of sex toy products produced by Fleshlight and are readily available to be bought on Fleshlight online store. These products comes with a different types of texture that is driven enough to be irresistible to men.

Asa Akira Fleshlight

Asa Akira’s Vagina

Asa Akira Fleshlight has two existing inner texture – Lotus and the Asa Akira Dragon. Lotus is none other than the artificial version of a real vagina texture starting with a slightly tight entry, which eventually blossoms into a more wider opening and a comfortable canal dipper within that gives the same feeling of having sex with real woman.

Asa Akira’s Dragon, is the wild side of Akira that is molded in one sex instrument inspired by the model herself. It is named dragon because of it’s capabilities to give you the hottest intercourse ever. With it’s sharp ribs all through out and a studded vortex inside, it is undeniably one good dragon ride and guaranteed to bring a burning sensation and a fired up lust that will master and test your sword to how good it is and how strong it is to slay one good dragon of lust and burning desires.
Asa Akira Mouth

Asa Akira’s Mouth

Asa Akira’s Mouth, also one of Fleshlight exclusive sleeves modeled by Akira has only one texture. The Swallow, a realistic sex toy carbon copied from Akira’s mouth is one of the best oral sex toy that could actually replace any of your recent toys. This is made out of the sexy lip curves of Akira and a good ride in it. A moderate tight entry, with super ribbed texture and a tight canal end after meeting up with the back of the throat, this gives the best oral experience men could ever have.

Asa Akira’s Butt

Asa Akira ButtAkira also have her butt molded for Fleshight fans. This Fleshlight sleeve give way to a new enhanced and defined sex toy that actually gives what anal sex can give, sometimes even better than the real ones with it’s real feel superskin ass and a tight opening that promises only one good orgasm.

Why do men prefer Asa Akira’s Fleshlight over other sex toys?

Because, it is uniquely made of high quality material, different types of texture and has high standards when it comes to bringing pleasure. Really a must for those men that sleeps alone at night or those who are open with great adventures when it comes to lust and strong enough to go through such obstacles and vortex just to make a real man out of themselves.

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