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Ariel Fleshlight

Ariel, or known as Piper Fawn on several porn websites is a Caucasian adult model born in Prague, Czech Republic on June 25, 1984. A hot red head babe also known as Faith Lightspeed and has a very interesting physique. Her first appearance in the adult film and modeling industry is unknown but active until present. She has the star quality that every director was looking for and plays well with other artist.

Ariel Fleshlight

Ariel’s Vagina

Ariel is also now modeling her own line product exclusively available in Fleshlight. Ariel’s Vagina, a Fleshlight product modeled by Ariel herself is one of the top seller insert sleeve. It has three unique textures – Lotus, Primal and the Vortex. Each texture gives only the best of what a sex stimulator can give.

Lotus is the most realistic insert sleeve that looks like the real counterpart. It begins with the smooth ultra tight entry and a way comfortable, slightly wide canal when you go dipper and dipper. It is exactly what it’s like having sex with a real vagina, only even better and the fact that it can get along with all your styles just makes it more interesting to try.

Primal can do more than what the Lotus texture can. It is made to satisfy your inner most primal instincts of a sex intercourse with its ultra intense textures. It is a combined force of the popular texture of Fleshlight into one complete and unique powerful experience. With its tiny teeth like rings present, men will definitely be in a dizzying momentum of pleasure after breaking through the Lotus node.

Vortex in any way is the wildest insert sleeve that ever existed, made certainly to meet men wildest sex illusions. It does not only feature the first new class of an incredible sex stimulator but also has variance of canal diameter. The four spiraled chamber texture of the Vortex will surely drive men crazy and bump into the sleeve over and over again.

Why men love Ariel’s Fleshlight sleeves?

All because it is very interesting to try and promises a very good sex experience considering the fact that it is made with the purpose of giving men the fulfillment they desired to have. It offers a lot of good sensational textures that will actually give men reasons to have an intercourse with it over and over. With Ariel Fleshlight, men will surely consider these insert sleeve a must have for them.

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