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Samuel O’Toole Fleshjack

One of the hottest porn star and model nowadays includes Samuel O’Toole, who was born on November 06, 1987 at California, USA. He is a Caucasian adult film artist and model who started on 2010 at the age of around 23 years old and is blossoming in his chosen career until present. He is 5 feet and 7 inches tall and 160 lbs with the dragon tattoo on his left bicep and shoulder.

Samuel O'Toole Fleshjack

Samuel O’Toole’s Butt

Samuel O’Toole’s Butt is one of the Fleshjack sleeve that is modeled by Samuel himself and it has two unique textures – the Tooleboxxx and the Squeeze. The first texture which is the Tooleboxxx is the texture which will give your tools a maximum range of pleasure and sensations. Starting with a moderately tight entry and then go through a much tighter texture and then ends with the real tight end of his butt. With O’Toole’s butt, you can now bring your backyard fantasies into reality. The Squeeze texture is the texture which starts with an ultra tight ribbed short entry and then changes quickly into a tightly-threaded passage that will explode into a wavy canal after humping into the asshole. You won’t surely want to miss this opportunity of great anal sex.

Samuel O’Toole’s Mouth

Samuel O’Toole MouthSamuel O’Toole’s Mouth, is the sleeve which looks exactly like the real counterpart. It has one texture which is the Swallow. This texture starts with a moderately tight opening that will surely make you want to go dipper and hump faster. Then later on you will go through into a ribbed canal to the back of his throat. After humping through Samuel’s Mouth, you will end into a super tight canal which is surely the reason why you will be in a state of a dizzying pleasure.

Samuel O’Toole’s Dick

Samuel O’Toole DickSamuel O’Toole’s Dick, is the sleeve which perfectly looks like the real counterpart. It is made gorgeously to fit each gay’s type of desired penis. It is also made with the highest quality of Fleshlight’s platinum cured silicon. The right penis which is made to meet your every cock needs. It has the insertable length of 5.75” and the color of a realistic skin tone. Just like the real dick of Samuel O’Toole.

Why gays love Samuel O’Toole’s Fleshjack sleeve?

Gay’s loves Samuel O’Toole Fleshjack sleeve, for the fact that it is the perfect sleeve for everybody. It has different options for you to choose which kind of sex experience you want. This sleeve gives you the chance of having sexual intercourse with your favorite porn stars and it is very safe to use because Fleshjack by Fleshlight only make adult toys with a class.

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