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Marcus Mojo Fleshjack

Landon Mycles, popularly known in the porn star industry as Marcus Mojo, was born in USA and started his career on the year 2009. He is straight but fortunately his sexual orientation is a bi-sexual and shoots porn videos with males and gays. He’s been very in demand with women and men the fact that he is very muscular and has the size of a cock that anyone would want. He received two awards, the Grabby Awards and a Fleshjack Boys nominee. Marcus Mojo Fleshjack

Marcus Mojo’s Butt

Marcus Mojo is a very hot young male who promoted his own product line in Fleshjack Boys. The first product that he modeled is the Marcus Mojo’s Butt. It has two unique textures – Marvel and the Squeeze. Marvel is the very tight version of Marcus showing off how challenging it is to penetrate his butt. Its inner texture has different levels of tightness that made fucking a very nice thing to do each night, cold or not. The Squeeze texture has an ultra tight entry which changes into a way wider canal but wavy in a way that will manage to squeeze out the passion in you that will later on make you explode into an awesome orgasm that neither you and Marcus can take.

Marcus Mojo’s Mouth

marcus mojo mouthMarcus Mojo’s Mouth has one single unique texture that will definitely change your view of the oral sex. The Swallow is the inner texture of Marcus Mojo’s Mouth that starts with a moderately tight entry and then burst into a ribbed canal as you go dipper. After some numbers of humping into Marcus’ Mouth, you will end into the back of his throat and ends with the super tight canal. Letting you explode and experience different kind of sensations a usual oral sex can’t give.

Marcus Mojo’s Dick

Marcus Mojo DickThe last but not the least is the Marcus Mojo’s Dick. It is the perfect replica of Marcus’ 7 inches dick. It has the size of what the real counterpart is and looks perfectly like Marcus Mojo cock. It is made with the highest quality that Fleshlight can offer and is packed with the great deal of specs and way of care.

Why gays love Marcus Mojo’s Fleshjack sleeve?

Gays loves Marcus Mojo Fleshjack sleeve because of the fact that it is perfectly made out from Marcus Mojo itself. It offers good service with fun and extreme sex enjoyment. It is made with highest quality and the simplest job when it comes to caring the sex toy. It is definitely a sleeve with class that gays would love to have and play with.

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