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Kris Evans Fleshjack

Kris Evans is a Hungarian gorgeous young stud who started to be in an adult film industry at the age of around 19 years old. He was born on May 02, 1986 at Nagyatád, Hungary with the Taurus sign. He started porn at the year 2005 and is still blossoming in his chosen career until present. He is also a cast of the films produce by Bel Ami. Kris is a brown haired porn star with the height of 6 feet and 4 inches and the weight of 88 kilograms.

Kris Evans' Butt

Kris Evans Butt

Kris Evans has his butt molded perfectly out of high quality silicon, made to answer your demands and end your illusions of having your dick inside Kris’ butt. Kris Evans’ Butt has two textures – the Vigor and the Squeeze. The first texture is made with a super tight entry and then the later part has the same tightness. Vigor is made with so much coolness in every inch of it, letting you explore and feed your excitements with pleasure and intensity just like what Kris does. The second Fleshjack sleeve texture, which is the Squeeze, is made with an ultra tight opening, and then changes into a tightly-threaded passage in your way dipper and ends with a super wavy canal that will surely make your explosion unforgettable.

Kris Evans Mouth

Kris  Evans Mouth
You can also slip your cock on Kevin Evans’ Mouth. It is a sleeve that comes with one unique texture, the Swallow. It is the texture of which pleasure and intensity is packed into one. It starts with a moderately tight opening then later on turns into a super ribbed canal at the back of the throat as you go dipper. The dipper you go in the dipper you will taste Kris Evans and end into a super tight canal that will make you experience pure bliss.

Kris Evans Dick

Kris Evans DickKris Evans’ Dick also has its share in making your world be driven mad with its gorgeous posture and a perfect size just lie Evans. This sleeve is made with the highest possible quality that Fleshjack could ever have with its platinum cured silicon. Now you can do whatever you want with his dick just to end your fantasies and savor his taste.

Why gays love Kris Evans’ Fleshjack sleeve?

Just because it is more than enough to feed your hunger of getting laid from a young stud and with gorgeous stunning cock. The Vigor texture of Kris Evans Fleshjack is very special because of its complexity and the way it is molded. Certainly, these Fleshjack adult toys are a must have for everybody.

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